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We are a real estate duo and friends who love to obsess over design, architecture, food, fashion and everything in between. This is our space to share our work, passions and a glimpse into our lives.


Bring on the snow (but please no freezing rain)! Hopefully the grocery shopping is done, and you are ready to hunker down and get cozy. If you aren’t, no worries…Abode has you covered. We are here to share our fav LO spots, some cute, cozy gear and a tip or two. GROCERY SHOPPING Both Mandy […]

A year and a half ago, my husband and I bought a property in Lake Oswego on the Willamette River. We decided to sit on it for a while but are now working with an architect on custom home plans. Being a lover of interior design and architecture, this has been a super fun process […]

Looking for your Abode somewhere along the West Coast?  LC and MG have you covered!  Our bay area clients are relocating to another oasis- Whitefish, Montana.  They have called this Carmel gem their home for the past few years and are sad to leave but looking forward to the adventures ahead.  We connected our clients […]

When we set out to create ABODE, one of the things we were most excited about was covering some of the design projects we are working on. Most of these featured projects will be personal, but we will also sprinkle in a few client projects. As realtors, we are constantly immersed in the worlds of […]